November of 2017 I spent 22 days travelling the island of Cuba. It is actually hard to find the right words to describe the this magical world.

I only had the chance to catch a glimpse of cuban life when I wandered the streets of Havanna, accompanied by a female dog who kept me safe after I gave her some bread and water.

The night life in any cuban town or city has a special energy that made me put on my shoes and wander the streets for hours, even after being on my feet all day. The heat is bearable at night and everything shimmers golden after the rain. People are dancing and talking and just hang out in the middle of the streets. The hurry of the day gives room to the calm of the night.

Pinar del Rio and the Viniales Valley weren’t like anything I could ever imagine. All the blues and greens and reds of the jungle and the smell of fresh coconuts. I wanted to get lost in this magical town of smells and colours.

Every other day I found myself in another town, in another world. Full of people busy with their everyday lifes. The gap between rich and poor is immense in Cuba and in my wildest dreams I never expected what I saw and experienced for the little time I had in this paradise.

The smile of the kids asking for candy and the carefully and strictly eyes of an old lady watching the tourists come to their world trying to grasp their different life. All of that and so much more keeps popping up in my dreams even after I left. It is fair to say Cuba had a deep impact on my in many ways, not only on my work as a photographer, but on a deep personal level.

„… if I ever get lost, you will find me in Cuba.“
Federico Garcia Lorca