Sindbad – Social Business | Annual Report 2020

The year 2016 marked the beginning of the story & work of the social business Sindbad – a journey that is meant to be fruitful and meaningful. Sindbads vision is a society in which young people can take their lives into their own hands. Based on a 1:1 mentoring programme, the social business enables opportunities for pupils in middle school that reduce the number of school dropouts to prevent unemployment. This annual report shows the development and success of Sindbad in 2020 as well as the visions they have for the next 5 years.

Emanuel Jochum and I have been the main designers since 2018 and created the whole Corporate Identity for Sindbad – Social Business.

Concept, Design & Illustrations: Emanuel Jochum & Andrea Zehetner

Dec 2021

Role: Concept, Illustrations, Layout, Photographer

Client: Sindbad – Social Business